My name is Renee Jocson. I am a Nutrition Health Coach and I bring 30+ years of Nursing into the ring.

My fight began in 2009, not for myself, but for my then 11-year- old daughter, Olivia. Through a strong faith, grain free living, supplementation, detoxification and arming myself with education, I have seen the near knock out of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Celiac Disease in Olivia.  After developing my own autoimmune disorder, I applied the same principles and have overcome many of my symptoms. I am passionate about helping women maintain or regain their health, reduce stress and manage/control autoimmune disorders through healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Ready for the challenge of battling your autoimmune disorder? Get your boots on the ground and get ready to:

  •  Learn about AutoImmune Disorders
  •  Discover what it means to live Grain-Free
  •  Get tips on reducing inflammation
  •  Share your war stories

YOUR FOOD FIGHT, LLC is not intended to replace the advice of a Physician, Registered Dietician or medical professional. My purpose is to help women establish realistic health goals and come alongside them to accomplish those goals.