How did you sleep last night? Revisited.

"Continuous effort - not strength nor intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."

–Winston Churchill

Several months ago I asked you how you slept the night before. Granted, the question was rhetorical since I didn't expect an actual answer. However, I did have an answer. It went something like this,
"I slept like a baby. 9 hours." Well, that was then, this is now. For the past month, I haven't slept more than 6 hours/night. And you say, "What?? The Coach isn't sleeping?" 

Here's my take on it. We all run into rough times in life. Maybe your sleep is off. Maybe you're not eating as well as you once were. Maybe you just don't have the drive to exercise like you used to. Whatever it happens. Where we run into trouble is when we stop caring, stop trying and sink down deeper. As Winston Churchill says above, continuous effort is the key to unlocking your potential. 

For me, that means I'm not satisfied with my sleep and I'm making every effort to correct it. Doing nothing just isn't an option. In other words, I'm not going to take this lying down (pun intended!). As I stand back and look at my sleep habits over the past month I realize the following: 

I have been going to bed later.

I have been going to bed hungry.

I have been watching TV before bed. 

Continuous effort means that I see these things and I do something about them. Moving forward, I will be in bed between 9-9:30 pm, I'll eat a larger dinner and the TV goes off at 8 pm. 

Where do you need to apply continuous effort? Good health doesn't just happen. Take a look at your life, make a plan and set it into motion one small step at a time. 

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In the ring! Renee