How Now Shall We Breathe?

"I take a breath when I have to." - Ethel Merman

Breathing. It's the most natural thing in the world. You don't have to think to breathe, you just do it.  But breathing well? Now that's another issue all together. I want you to do something for me. Take a really deep breath. When you inhale, do your shoulders rise? Yep, you're not breathing well.

Let me show you what deep breathing (or belly breathing/diaphragmatic breathing) looks like:

Sit relaxed in a chair, feet on the floor or lie down. Place your hands on the your lower belly or on your ribs at the sides of your body.  Inhale slowly through your nose. Concentrate on expanding your belly or your rib cage (think blow fish). Keep your shoulders in place. As you inhale, your diaphragm (a big muscle) is moving up in your abdominal cavity.  Now exhale deeply through your mouth. Feel your belly contract. Your exhale should be a bit longer than your inhale. In through your nose, belly goes out. Out through your mouth, belly contracts. Slow and deep. Repeat several times.

I know. It doesn't feel natural. But keep practicing. It will.

You may be thinking that's a lot of effort just to take a breath. But here's why it's so important.

Belly breathing does the following:

Lowers blood pressure

Lowers blood sugar

Decreases anxiety

Improves mental focus

Relieves pain

Relaxes your pelvic floor

Improves digestion

Strengthens your lungs

Helps you sleep better

Boosts energy

Improves your mood

Plus, every time you breathe this way, your diaphragm massages your heart.

Is that amazing or what??

Now that you know what deep breathing is and why it's so important,I really encourage you to become more conscious of your breathing pattern.

Here are a couple of suggestions for when to use this type of breathing:

Anxious during the day

Can't sleep at night

Suffer with chronic pain

Irritable or easily angered

Having surgery or a minor medical procedure

Stuck in traffic

Overwhelmed at work

Feel tension in your neck/back

Relief from these issues and more can be just a breath away!


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I'm breathing well and living well in the ring. How about you?