I generally start my newsletter with a quote. I tried to find a good one about “free stuff,” to no avail. I did, however, find www.ofree.net, a website devoted to making sure you get free stuff and free samples. I was hesitant to click on it as I’m one of those people who think I’ll get a virus on my computer with every odd click out there. But, the lure of free stuff was too great. I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff? 

So, I hesitantly clicked on this site as if my computer would blow up. And, once on it, I didn’t want to open up any of the offers for the same fear as stated above. But my curiosity was overwhelming. so click, I did. However, with a cursory look at some of the offers, clearly, this wasn’t all FREE stuff.  

“Get your custom 11 oz mug (11 oz?? not 6 oz, not 8 oz…11 oz) for free. Just enter promo code XYZ and pay $5.99 shipping…..”  Ok, clearly this isn’t free if I’m paying $5.99.  

One of my sisters and I once paid shipping costs for some free makeup. 45 years later, we’re still waiting for it to arrive. See what I mean?  Free stuff really isn’t free. 

Or how about this one, “Get Free XYZ  Sunscreen after cashback! New members only.” In this great deal, I not only have to become a member of something, but I have to pay upfront and hopefully get a refund. Right! Like we’ll hopefully see that makeup someday, too! Is there really anything in this life that’s free? 

I’m going to suggest to you that there certainly is!  Every month in my newsletter I tell you that a Health Consultation with me is always FREE.  I really mean it. It is F. R. E. E. Which is why I don’t understand why you haven’t taken me up on it. It costs nothing.  

Let me tell you two things that it isn’t:

1. It isn’t a “free first session.” It is one hour in and of itself for you and me to review your health history. You have no obligation to ever see me again. 

2. It isn’t a gimmick to get you in the door. I genuinely hope that at your FREE consultation I can give you a few recommendations so that you can move towards health. Why? Because I care about women’s health/lack of health.

So what’s required of you? Call, text or email me and tell me you’re interested in the “free stuff”- a Health Consultation. We’ll decide on a date/time together,  I’ll send you my Health History form for you to print and fill out. Then you and I will meet at my sweet office (or on the phone/Face Time or Skype…which is, by the way, how I see many women around the country) to spend an hour reviewing your form and talking about you.  Oops, I guess there is one hidden cost-one hour of your time. 

A small price to pay. Definitely worth it!

Now, in addition to waiting for the makeup to show up, I’m going to be waiting to hear from you.  If I were you, I’d take me up on this.  

I better run, I have to close out all those free offers I clicked on so I don’t leave myself open to some sort of cyberattack with an exploding computer. Is that even possible?  In my mind it is. We’ll talk again next month….or at your FREE Health Consultation, whichever comes first.

One more thing, dear Reader, there is something else in life that is free, God's grace- His unmerited favor extended to you through the death of His Son Jesus. Want to know more/talk further? Call me!