You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C. S. Lewis

Happy New Year!! Have you made any New Year's resolutions? Personally, I am a resolution maker and a resolution keeper. Years ago I resolved to purchase all the birthday cards for our nieces and nephews (13 total) in the first week of January, put their monetary gift inside, address the envelope and put a stamp on it (use "forever" stamps...I learned the hard way). When their birthday rolls around, I just write a note and it's ready to be mailed. Consequently, through age 18 all our nieces and nephews have received a timely card with a gift from Aunt Renee and Uncle David. Feel free to borrow that one!

Another year I resolved to pack all of our Christmas decorations away in red/green boxes. To this day, I love to see them on the shelves in our garage....come December 1 I always know where everything is.

And many, many years ago I resolved to spend my first hour(s) of the day with God in Bible reading and prayer. It's the most precious part of my day.

I share these 3 ideas to show you that you don't have to "remake" yourself starting January 1st. Pick one thing you want to do in the new year, one thing you want to change, a new habit you want to form and do it. Keep it simple, practical. Just imagine, if you do this every year in 10 years you will have 10 solid things you have changed.

If you want to form a new habit, attach it to something you already do. Maybe you want to dry brush before you shower every morning tto stimulate your lymph system, but never remember to do it until you are already IN the shower. You could say, When I finish my morning coffee, I will dry brush for 5 minutes. Refine it even further and say, When I put my coffee cup down, I will pick up my dry brush.

Different but similar, when I turned 49 I purposed to try 50 new fruits and veggies before I turned 50. It was an interesting year. I never realized how many things I had never tried!

So what will it be for you? A resolution? A new habit? A personal challenge? Let me know what you’re planning to do, I really would like to know.